Домашна автоматика и BMS

Домашна автоматика и BMS

Alarm systems and automation




The SATEL control panels allow you to create a system that combines the functions of the alarm and home automation. Additionally, an option

the module allows users to complete a system configured in such a way with automation elements that work in the KNX European Standard. As a result, we can get a system of more extensive functionality than in the case of using individual solutions

You can easily take advantage of the features offered by the SATEL control panels even when you are out of the home. The application that works on your smartphone will allow you not only to activate and deactivate the system, but also to control all your home automation devices.

Combination of intelligence and security

The INT-KNX-2 module combines the functionality of systems based on INTEGRA control panels with KNX home automation systems. This combination allows users to control KNX devices through the INTEGRA system. It also allows the INTEGRA control panel to receive status information on the KNX device. Benefits arising from the use of INT-KNX-2 mainly include a synergy effect that guarantees the expansion of the capabilities offered by both systems and a reduction in total installation costs.

The INTEGRA control panel can also work with other automation systems. Among other things, this is possible thanks to the integration module INT-RS and the communicator ETHM-1 Plus. This combination not only extends the functionality of the whole system, but optimizes the costs as a result of the use of common elements.




Lighting control

With the help of the available KNX modules that control the lighting system, you can easily organize light scenes in rooms where household members spend a lot of time. Depending on your individual needs, you can not only activate and deactivate selected groups of lamps, but also adjust their brightness.


Heating control

Smart heating management ensures not only your convenience but also tangible energy savings. The INTEGRA system can be easily configured so that, when the standby mode is on, the air conditioning system is deactivated and the heating system enters the economy mode.

Control of blinds and curtains

The available KNX module allows you to control outer shutters or blinds so that the amount of outside light reaching the premises is adjusted as needed. You can even install steering curtains to ease the automatic opening of your curtains.

Control of the garage door

The INTEGRA control panels that make up the core of the automation system can make your life more pleasant even around your house. The available features allow you, for example, controlling the opening of the entrance or garage doors. They can be opened with the help of universal remote-controlled keys or mobile phones. This solution limits the number of devices you have to hold at hand.

Control of plant irrigation

The smart system can also take care of green areas. The INTEGRA control panels allow you to control various power and irrigation devices, for example, for lawns. A similar method is used for extracting plants in your winter garden equipped with electrically controlled valves that control the irrigation process.

Simulation of the presence of members of the household

During prolonged absences, an alarm system based on INTEGRA control panels is able to simulate the presence of household members, which can discourage potential burglars. It is possible to automatically control the lighting according to pre-programmed time patterns or in response to certain events (for example, in combination with a dusk sensor).

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