Банкарска опрема

Банкарска опрема

Wizard Systems has a wide range of products in the area of banking equipment. Sophisticated, software and licensed both by the European Central Bank and the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. , machines for processing banknotes and coins. We also have several models of money, UV and MG detectors for checking the authenticity of the kannas.  

As exclusive dealers of the world brand for bank equipment MASTERWORK AUTOMODULES, we offer several models of banknote processing machines from NC series such as: NC 3500, NC 6000, NC 7100, NC 8500.

These are sophisticated, software machines for processing baconettes that seamlessly fulfill the criteria, the tests by the ECB and the NBRM, are continuously found on the lists of successfully tested banknote processing machines.

Our counters will help you count the exact amount of banknotes, calculate the exact value, make the bundles neatly sorted by face and orientation. Count with different modes: mix, denomination, face, orientation, FIT & UNFIT, while doing all these functions, the machine takes care of the validity of banknotes, if it comes to suspicious banknote alerts showing the cause of ineligibility.


The assortment of bank equipment that we have includes covers and safety bags, safety suitcases for money transportation with electrochemical protection devices, safety fireproofsafes in different sizes, pulse balances and time boxes.

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